Crevette (crevette) wrote,

Still trying...

Prom dress fitting.

Yep. That's my kid. I just felt everything sag another few inches there.

We also put in tuition and housing deposits at the college. I have to call and start arranging for loans for our portion (which has put me into a beyond neurotic state, which has put her and Thom into a beyond neurotic state.)

I will be a horrible empty nester but I'm also starting to think about what life will be like with her out of the house. It'll be quieter, and less hectic. Our water bill will drop by at least half. Our electric bill too, probably. Food? Oh, yeah. I used to wonder if her being gone would hurt our marriage, but I honestly think we'll be even better--we'll have more time together and I have to admit I really enjoy Thom's company.

It's all a matter of degrees, I guess. And I'll have more time to make it to the gym, and maybe find my brain again and start writing again. I'd like that.
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No, no, that can't possibly be your kid, She was a child the last time I saw her. This is a woman. *shakes head* I refuse to admit I'm aging, and so you can take this woman and hide her away.. She's lovely though. Truly. Congratulations on spawning such beauty.
She's still going to FIT, right? Is it too late for me to do the alumni thing for her for a small scholarship? I've messaged my friend in admissions to find out if I'm too late, but please let me know if you want to take advantage of it!
Thanks for remembering! We actually had a friend of Thom's who was able to fill that out for her. But thank you so much!
She looks lovely! It's good to see you back here, BTW.
No no no, that is not your baby!!!

I refuse to believe she is going off to college.

Not happening lalalalalalalalal

My baby turned 22 this year... 22!!!!! how did that happen.
Liv is lovely, and that dress is lovely too. I imagine you'll do just fine when she's off to college--it'll probably feel really weird at first, but you'll eventually learn to groove with it. And yes, please, write more! I think we'd all love that!
Daym. I hope her date knows how lucky they are.
Aaaaaahhhhh best prom dress ever!