Crevette (crevette) wrote,

Had to spend an extra day....

Fever of 100.3 last night. Now I have 100.7. Joy.
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They discovered mine in the middle of the night after the day of my operation and jumped up the antibiotics. I was there two and a half days before they'd take me off the IV and let me leave. You're not weird, don't worry!
They'll take good care of you. MOAR DRUGS! Rest up and get well soon!


October 4 2012, 00:45:56 UTC 4 years ago

Drinking a whole lot of water is supposed to help...or so they say.
I am drinking so much water that it is overflowing my pee bag! ::whines::
Oh no. Hope they get that settled down fast so you can go home and rest in peace.
Good that it was caught quickly! That'll teach those little buggers to quit trying to get a free ride out of the hospital...
You didn't really think your uterus was going to let you off that easily, did you?
Yikes! Antibiotics. Stat!!
{{{very gentle hugs}}}