Crevette (crevette) wrote,

and it's over...

I have not talked to Dr yet, but this is waht Thom posted on FB earlier today:

Just got a call from her Doctor that performed the surgery. She said that the top of the uterus was at the same height as her bellybutton and was stretched across to both sides of her pelvis. The surgery required her to cut the uterus onto smaller pieces to allow her to seal of each blood vessel supplying. While she was doing this she did lacerate her bladder and a urology surgeon was called into repair it. The Doctor did take a picture of the uterus as Irene had requested, so Irene doesn't get to keep the organ and immolate it at her convenience. She did have to Irene a unit of blood due to loss, but she is doing well and in recovery.

Drugs are good.
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